PS has all of the specialty equipment, remote heads and cranes you need for a successful shoot. PS’s inventory includes the EXO Electric Camera Cart, the ultra-smooth telescoping MovieBird Cranes in 45’, 30’ and 17’ lengths along with the Fisher 23 and a variety of remotes heads including the MO-SYS Remote Lambda head. You can rely on PS’ specialty equipment and skilled technicians to help you get the shot you need.

Currently our cranes and heads are only available for rent from PS Toronto (limited inventory). Please contact PS Toronto for more information on how to book this equipment for your next shoot.


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EXO Electric Camera Cart With its amazing versatility and virtually silent operation, the EXO cart is the perfect tool for any production. The unit arrives ready to go and is delivered with a full inventory of mounting and rigging hardware so it can be customized on set to suit any application. The cart offers multiple configurations, making it ideal for Steadicam work, rigging remote heads and mounting multiple cameras and jib arms. The fully electric EXO cart is virtually silent when in operation and easily tracks both fast and slow moving subjects. With its four-wheel drive, independent and airbag suspension, it can be instantly adjusted to suit any payload or handle any condition.
MovieBird Cranes
The MovieBird cranes utilize a patented belt transmission system that makes them the safest, fastest and most precise solution available. To reach the most inaccessible places, to maneuver the tightest corners, telescoping in and out silently for that shot at a moment’s notice the MovieBird crane is the ideal solution. MovieBird cranes come ready assembled out of the trailer and can be ready in less than 30 minutes and with the telescopic movement there is no need to wait for the laying of track. If you do want to track further than the telescopic arm length our MovieBird packages also include track. Great for rough terrain and fast dolly moves, high or low, location or studio.
Giraffe Crane Ultra-light, modular design, either manned or remote, the Giraffe Classic was designed for space efficiency. Tapered sections nest inside each other, making it easily transportable, in light vans, small airplanes, helicopters and boats. Can be hand-carried up mountains, and hard-to-reach locations. This modular flexibility is also easy on the budget. All options listed in these specifications are included in the full 7-in-1 crane system at a surprisingly affordable cost. Fast and versatile, the Giraffe Classic crane is the backbone of our fleet.
JL Fisher 23 Jimmy Jib Arm The Model 23 Jib is a stable, yet lightweight sectional arm used for Features, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, and Live Productions. The Jib sections are ergonomic, easy to handle and assemble quickly. Color-coded, pre-tensioned cables secure the assembled sections into an extremely rigid Jib. The Model 23 Jib rotates 360 degrees and enables the operator to position the camera at various elevations from 9ft 4in to 20ft 7in height.
Alpha Stabilized Remote Head (New Arrival)
  • Unique dovetail system for fast adjustment of head size
  • Slip rings for 360 degree operation
  • Simple BNC control cable or wireless
  • Operation from wheels, pan-bar or joystick
  • Stabilization on all or select axis
  • Built in power for cameras and lens control
  • Auto Horizon level
  • Programmable limits
  • Repeatable
  • Head weight – 55lbs (25Kg)
  • Max Payload – 150lbs (68Kg)
  • 3D Capable
Mo-Sys Lambda Head
Meet the Mo-Sys Lambda.  It’s a remote head designed for filmmaking that is industry-renowned for its strength, precision, and versatility. Its modular design means you can add a 3rd axis for roll capability at any time. Key benefits:
  • One of the strongest heads on the market with a payload of 50kg (110 lbs), making it suitable for 3D camera rigs
  • Zero backlash, no delay unlike ordinary worm gear drives
  • High resolution drive for smooth operation and crisp responsiveness
  • Quick set-up due to a unique plug & play design and simple Mo-Sys bus cabling system
  • Simple, intuitive touch screen control
  • Unrivaled ease of adjustment
  • Can be under-slung, getting the lens closer to the floor than a geared head
Klassen Carbon Head The Klassen Carbon Head is a carbon fiber remote controlled attachment that can remotely pan through 180 degrees in two seconds while providing exceptionally smooth motion control, even with heavy cameras.