Who knew that when PS Production Services began as a small 2-man start up in 1972 that it would grow to a 130-person company in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax.

We set out with a worthy vision for what Canadian filmmakers needed. Canada-wide, the approach is simple – we look after you with no questions asked. Because when you’re under deadline pressure, having people to count on makes a difference.

This can-do spirit still exists today.

  • 1972

    22-year-old Doug Dales along with friend, Brian Greenspan, purchase a small Vancouver production equipment rental company. The two, determined to begin careers in the Canadian film industry, use this equipment to service commercials and independent productions shooting in Toronto.

  • 1973

    PS Production Services Ltd. establishes itself as a key player in the Canadian production equipment rental industry as the company begins providing an increasing number of commercials and producers with camera and lighting equipment.

  • 1978

    PS reaches a deal to service the $2.2 million Canadian/U.K. co-production, Power Play, starring high-profile talents, Peter O'Toole and Donald Pleasance.

  • 1983

    Now considered a major production equipment supplier for indigenous Canadian productions, PS Production Servies Ltd., supplies Next of Kin, Atom Egoyan’s first feature film.

  • 1986

    PS Production Services Ltd., with partner Atlantis Films, construct the 100,000-square-foot Cinevillage complex in Toronto.  Cinevillage houses the two companies plus two fully equipped soundstages and extra office space.  The surrounding area subsequently becomes Toronto’s Studio District.

  • 1987

    PS Atlantic is founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The company begins working on projects of every size in all four Atlantic provinces and supplies major East Coast features such as Margaret’s Museum.

  • 1988

    PS Production Services Ltd. marks its first foray into foreign territory when it supplies Bat 21, a Vietnam war film shot in Borneo starring Gene Hackman and Danny Glover.  PS ships 18,000 pounds of equipment for the project including a custom-made generator that fit within the hold of a wide-body 747.

  • 1992

    PS Production Services Ltd. enters a period of high-growth, averaging 30% per year-a trend that continues for the next four years.

  • 1993

    PS Production Services Ltd. acquires Lightsource, a production equipment rental competitor located in Toronto.

  • 1995

    PS expands to Vancouver with the purchase of Northern Lights and subsequently launches PS Vancouver.

  • 1995

    PS Production Services Ltd.  buys the interest of Citadel Productions in Atlantic Canada and takes full ownership of the operation.

  • 1996

    PS Production Services Ltd. supplies the television series Sinbad which is shot entirely in South Africa.

  • 1997

    PS Production Services Ltd. goes live with HITS, the Hollywood Inventory Tracking System, allowing the company to keep track of inventory in multiple locations.

  • 1998

    Doug Dales is awarded the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Bill Hilson Award for outstanding service to the Canadian production industry.

    PS Production Services Ltd. moves from 65 Heward Avenue to its current location at 80 Commissioners Street in Toronto, gaining 35,000 additional square-feet of space to house its ever-growing production equipment inventory.

  • 1999

    Doug Dales is awarded  the Canadian Film and Television Production Association's Jack Chisholm Award.

    Douglas Barrett joins PS Production Services Ltd. as Executive Chairman.  With nearly 30 years of experience providing legal advice and strategic guidance to the Canadian film and television industry, Barrett serves on the Boards of the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, the Banff Television Festival and the Feature Film Project of the Canadian Film Centre.

  • 2002

    PS Production Services Ltd. signs a deal with Paramount Production Services, a division of Paramount Pictures, for additional equipment support in Toronto.

  • 2003

    PS Production Services Ltd. supplies The Chronicles of Riddick, a huge breakthrough feature project starring Vin Diesel. 

    PS also goes live with Rental Works, the newest generation of inventory tracking technology designed for Universal Pictures and enhanced to accommodate PS' multiple locations.

  • 2004

    PS Production Services Ltd. acquires Panavision's Toronto lighting and grip business.

  • 2006

    PS Production Services Ltd. establishes a formal presence in Winnipeg and Regina with the official acquisition of partner, Luminaire Production Services Inc.

  • 2007

    PS Production Services Ltd. announces its entry into digital cinematography with the introduction of the groundbreaking RED ONE Digital Camera.

  • 2010

    Our founder Doug Dales passes away after more than 40 years as our passionate leader and patron of the Canadian film and television industry. He was 60 years old.

  • 2012

    PS celebrates its 40th Anniversary and unveils its new logo and branding.

  • 2013

    PS Production Services Ltd. is purchased by SIM Digital. The purchase and amalgamation of services further strengthens SIM’s global position as the most comprehensive service provider for the motion picture and television industry.