PS Production Services - Green Initiative

We have all become more aware of the impact businesses and people have on the environment, especially with regard to global warming. As a result, and with the support of our Board of Directors, we have now added environmental responsibility to our corporate mission.

In taking this step, PS is committing to work nationally to reduce our environmental footprint by developing a program that will:

  • reduce fossil fuel usage wherever possible,
  • reduce and/or control fossil fuel emissions wherever possible,
  • improve all aspects of recycling,
  • take any other action that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • educate employees, customers, vendors and other business partners in the role businesses can play in regard to environmental sustainability.

Our efforts so far:

  • Created a national green team to coordinate our environmental activities.
  • Added exhaust after treatment devices to our generators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and configured others to operate on bio-diesel.
  • Became a founding partner of the Ontario Green Screen Initiative and members of Reel Green BC.
  • Updated all of our fluorescent fixtures and lamps so they are more energy efficient.
  • Enhanced our recycling program.
  • Installed programmable thermostats in all facilities to reduce energy waste outside of business hours.
  • Have made electronic invoice delivery to clients a priority.
  • Implemented a print-on-demand program utilizing recycled paper for all marketing and sales literature.

We know the road to being greener is a long one and this is just the beginning. At PS we are committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment and we will continue to improve our green practices.

Download our Green Guide